24k Gold Vermeil. 
Made to last. The fine rings are 24k Gold Vermeil (sterling silver with heavy gold plating). This is the highest standard in gold-plated jewelry.

Ethically & sustainably hand-crafted in Bali.
This piece is hand-made with love by local artisans in Bali. Bali has a longstanding tradition of silver- and goldsmith craftsmanship and artisans. We only work with family-owned/small manufacturers in Bali, which we have visited ahead of production to ensure all workers are treated fairly.

7 (average ring finger size)
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Signature Pieces that last a lifetime
- The Art of Effortless Cool.

We don't do collections.
We design signature pieces - that last a lifetime.
Crafted from the finest natural materials, 100% biodegradable leaving no harmful waste behind.
All our forever pieces are ethically & sustainably made with love by our artisans around the world.
Luxury without the Markup. We choose full transparency. Our average margin ranges from 2-3 while the rest of the fashion industry’s is between 4-6.